Soldier On Pledge Company

Sliced Tech is an avid supporter of several community charities, as we feel this is an integral part of who we are, not only as part of the IT industry but the wider Canberra community.  Soldier On is particularly close to our heart, being a local Canberra employer of ex-service men and women, we recognise the important role it plays in our community.

We are proud to announce that Sliced Tech has signed the Soldier On Pledge, supporting contemporary Australian veterans and their families.  The Pledge is part of the Soldier On Pathways Program, which forms a channel by which veterans and families can identify supportive organisations who are committed to understanding the huge skills, talent, and abilities of those who have served Australia.

Companies that sign the Pledge commit to learning more about the skills and attributes that ex-service personnel and family members can bring to and benefit their organisation. The Pledge works to provide greater access to job opportunities for Service personnel, veterans and family members but does not guarantee jobs but instead maintains existing recruitment processes that are supported by Soldier On.

You too can get involved and help secure the future of Australian veterans and their families, simply email:

We are stronger together.