SecuSUITE Secure Mobile Communications

Sliced Tech delivers secure voice and text communications capability based on BlackBerry’s proven secure and trusted SecuSUITE application. Our service to government agencies and enterprise customers, in partnership with BlackBerry, fills a major gap for those with risks from legacy insecure communication channels and those with data sovereignty concerns.

BlackBerry SecuSUITE is the world leader in anti-eavesdropping solutions for mobile communications. No other supplier in the market equips more government administrations and heads of state with bullet-proof secure communications. Sliced Tech enables this to be consumed as a cost effective service.

Made and certified for Government and Enterprise

SecuSUITE provides end-to-end secure mobile voice communications and instant messaging, using IP-based mobile data connections such as 4G and Wi-Fi across iOS® and Android mobile devices. Securely hosted in Australia by Sliced Tech.

Secure – protect the contents of their sensitive communication and verify the identity of the people on the call with cryptography that has been certified as acceptable for up through Top Secret communications by Five Eyes governments.

Certified – SecuSUITE® is the Common Criteria certified secure communication solution from BlackBerry® for government agencies that want to achieve secure mobile communication.

Easy to Use – SecuSUITE® provides a native iOS® and Android experience and outstanding voice quality. No need for expensive bespoke systems or “burner phones”.

Flexible – SecuSUITE® works all the ways you do, Secure mobile to secure mobile, Secure mobile to and from office and public phones (optional), Multi-tenanted options for secure inter-agency calling.

For a New Generation of Risks

Malicious actors can intercept communications at multiple points in a mobile communication path. This can include networks and gateways outside of Australia when users are overseas.

The use of consumer messaging apps can result in:

  • Data leakage due to co-mingling with personal messages;
  • Loss of control of relevant metadata through its storage offshore;
  • The inconvenience and capacity for error or misuse when multiple devices or ‘burner phones’ are used as ‘stop gap’ solutions
  • Impersonation and extraction of confidential information via identity hacking in open networks