Software as a Service

SaaS Offering offering

Sliced Tech delivers Software as a Service tailored to your individual business requirements. We provide SaaS offerings based on COTS and FOSS applications by leveraging a large partner ecosystem and brokering Cloud services from other providers. Value added services include governance, application availability, service monitoring and enhanced security.


Sliced Tech’s internal capability is augmented via specialist providers to deliver agile, flexible and cost-effective service on demand for a range of application services.

SaaS Summary

  • Enclave as a Service
  • Drupal as a Service
  • OurShare (Enterprise File Sharing)
  • Microsoft Applications as a Service (Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics, Skype)

Data Sovereignty

Depending upon the individual service level agreement, data may be stored locally on premise, in the Cloud or both locally and in the Cloud. Business can control where their data resides.

Require a Flexible Approach?

Sliced Tech supports integrated multi-cloud solutions. Business has the choice of Cloud providers to build and deliver a unified, secure and multi-tenant consolidation framework.

Why Certification Matters

Australian Government Security Management Benchmarking

Sliced Tech complies with the Information Security Manual (ISM) which meets the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) requirements for physical, personnel and information security to manage security risk.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Industry Best Practice

The ISO/IEC 27001 aligns Sliced Tech with an international standard of security management best practice used across industry to maintain and continuously improve cyber resilience.

SaaS Business Benefits

Rapid Delivery

As the software is already available it can be utilised within a very short time frame. Automatically enjoy easy access to new releases & upgrades.


Being Cloud based, be assured of a reliable and consistent service that will meet business needs.

Business Focus

Sliced Tech can manage all internal SaaS offerings, enabling organisations to redeploy resources and skills to focus on other business imperatives.


The SaaS solution resides in a Cloud environment and can be integrated with other SaaS offerings.