Security as a Service

Security offering

Cybersecurity is a growing area of concern as cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated and jeopardise data integrity thus exposing personal information to unauthorised actors. Our cybersecurity services safeguard critical infrastructure and protect business information.

Cloud Security Experts

With a strong track record of successfully delivering secured offerings to government, Sliced Tech has significant expertise in cybersecurity. We have staff with multiple industry certifications, provide a wide range of “as a service” security offerings, and Sliced Tech is complianct with PSPF, ISM and is ISO 27001 certified and accredited.

Security Service Business Benefits

Cost Effective Security

Security provided through the Cloud is more effective than traditional frameworks as security is built in to our service offerings.

Constant Protection

Frequent application and software updates are imperative to ensure ICT environments remain fully protected from new threats. We patch and update environments to an agreed schedule.


Sliced Tech will ensure that the required level of security is in place to comply with an organisation’s data storage and transmission regulations.

Access to Skilled Personnel

As part of security accreditations and certifications Sliced Tech’s skilled professionals are constantly keeping abreast of new threats and exploits and mitigating them in customer environments.

Professional Security Service

  • Consulting by IRAP Registered Assessors
  • Information Security documentation, monitoring & risk management
  • Security Management

Management Security Service

  • SIEM Services Cloud Security Encryption Services Firewall Services Proxy Services Email Security
  • Access Controls Management DDoS Protection

Point Solutions as Required

Sliced Tech can cover a broad requirement outside point solutions

Why Certification Matters

Australian Government Security Management Benchmarking

Sliced Tech complies with the Information Security Manual (ISM) which meets the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) requirements for physical, personnel and information security to manage security risk.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Industry Best Practice

The ISO/IEC 27001 aligns Sliced Tech with an international standard of security management best practice used across industry to maintain and continuously improve cyber resilience.