OurShare as a Service

Web Based File Sharing

eMail and various collaboration tools connect business, however these systems often restrict file sharing internally within teams, and externally with vendors and business partners. The challenges faced with sharing documents can be frustrating, yet are common to every modern work group.

OurShare Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration

‘OurShare’ is Sliced Tech’s Enterprise file sharing solution facilitating easy collaboration and document sharing without compromising security. The solution is secured behind an ASD Certified Gateway in our Government Community based Clouds (from DLM up to PROTECTED) giving you an extra layer of control and data protection.

OurShare Feature Summary

  • Multi or Single Tenanted options
  • Time based expiry limits
  • Prevent downloads (view only)
  • Anonymous uploads
  • Lock/checkout files while editing to prevent overwrites
  • Unlimited version control
  • Recycle bin support to recover deleted files
  • Complete audit trails
  • AES 256 bit encryption

Require a Flexible Approach?

Sliced Tech supports integrated multi-cloud solutions. Business has the choice of Cloud providers to build and deliver a unified, secure and multi-tenant consolidation framework.

Why Certification Matters

Australian Government Security Management Benchmarking

Sliced Tech complies with the Information Security Manual (ISM) which meets the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) requirements for physical, personnel and information security to manage security risk.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Industry Best Practice

The ISO/IEC 27001 aligns Sliced Tech with an international standard of security management best practice used across industry to maintain and continuously improve cyber resilience.

OurShare Business Benefits

Powerful Sharing Control

Enjoy unprecedented control to share files utilising a solution that is simple to use for anyone in your team.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that OurShare is secured by an Compliant Certified Gateway with cutting edge protection against intrusion.

Access Material 24/7

Enjoy uncomplicated access and sharing of files on the go, from anywhere at any time.

Predictable Cost

Affordable and predictable license and maintenance pricing with upfront per-user and storage charges.