Government Services

We offer a range of services

Core to our business is the delivery of Unclassified and PROTECTED fully integrated and managed cloud services. Unlike our cloud only competitors, Sliced Tech also provides and maintains an accredited, certified and secure internet gateway for unclassified and classified information up to and including PROTECTED.

In accordance with the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Secure Cloud Strategy, consumers can self-authorise Cloud Service Providers such as Sliced Tech and their cloud services using a risk-based approach to cyber security as detailed in the Information Security Manual (ISM). To facilitate this, the Sliced Tech has been independently Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessed completing the Cloud Security Assessment Report and the Cloud Security Controls Matrix (CSCM).

Sliced Tech provides granular DMZ implementation that controls access to hosts from other network zones and provides firewall segregation of different types. This has proven resilient to malicious attack and is fundamental to Sliced Tech’s overall cyber security strategy and design pattern which segregates servers of different functions and environments in different DMZs; hence risks are mitigated through host-based firewalls that contain server function within an environment within a system