Sliced Tech a trusted partner to the Australian Department of Defence

Sliced Tech is a trusted partner to the Australian Department of Defence

As a leading Australian protected cloud provider, Sliced Tech is proud to implement a new enterprise student management system for the Australian Department of Defence. Sliced Tech will also provide the platform management framework to sustain this system over the next three years.

Our CEO, Jason McClure said “as an Australian owned SME, Sliced Tech has a proven record of providing secure managed cloud services to the Commonwealth. We are proud to be a trusted partner of Defence in the integration and delivery of this major new system.”

This important win builds on our significant work to deliver secure, scalable and dynamic ICT platforms. Building on our current delivery of cloud-based services to other specialist business units within the Department of Defence, and numerous Australian government agencies.

“Through an open market test, Sliced Tech was chosen by Defence on our ability to deliver…certified PROTECTED cloud, Unclassified DLM cloud and Accredited Secure Gateway services, along with a fully integrated secure Managed Services model to ensure the Defence Learning Environment is both protected and supported” Jason McClure said.

Commander Australian Defence College Major General Mick Ryan said the new platform represents a significant modernisation of Defence’s student management system.

The EducationOne platform will provide a single, Defence-wide integrated system, replacing more than 50 separate databases, spreadsheets and other software programs,” Major General Ryan said.

Use of the new student management system will commence at the Australian Defence College, Australian Defence Force Academy and Royal Military College ‑ Duntroon in 2020 and rolled out to all 115 of its learning centres Australia-wide over the next two years.