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We’ll work with you to design and build the ICT services you need from the ground up, guaranteeing flexibility and agility. Committed to independence, and working with world-class vendors, expert service integrators and service providers, our team scales with your service requirements.

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Providing services to all levels of government including Federal, State, Territory and Local Government.

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Providing services, including industry and government certified cloud services, to meet the needs of your specific business requirements.

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Providing services to assist in identifying and delivering your specific outcomes.

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Certified to meet your needsSliced Tech is certified to protect Government Classified data.

We have industry leading certification in terms of the technology we use.


  • Why sovereignty is core to your information security

    Sovereignty – not a word we use every day but one that has significant impact in terms of Cloud security. Given the recent spate of cyber-attacks on government agencies by foreign actors, there has never been a more important time to address the sovereignty in Cloud security – particularly for government agencies (Defence in particular), and the industry that serves them.

  • Fortinet announces winners of Australian partner awards

    Fortinet has announced the winners of its Australian partner awards, which recognise the achievements of partners that have helped customers to accelerate the move beyond traditional networks securely.

  • Infographic – The Future of Secure Communications: BlackBerry SecuSuite

    Here’s an inforgraphic from our partners at BlackBerry that shows how SecuSuite can enable secure communications for defence, government and commerical organisations.

  • The public sector just went mobile. So how do you secure voice calls and messages?

    BlackBerry has partnered with trusted Australian local cloud and managed services provider Sliced Tech that has carved out an onshore offering for government and enterprise that incorporates and automates the delivery of the Australian Federal

    Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) controls.

    “The Sliced Tech partnership means that it doesn’t matter what level of government or agency you come from, if you want to secure voice and messaging that’s as robust as it is easy to use, the procurement and probity path is simple and straightforward,” Nicol said.

    “When you start on a platform that’s secure from the ground-up, it’s relatively easy to fit functionality – certainly easier than retrofitting security,” Nicol says, adding that free trials and demonstrations were now available for interested agencies.

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