Integrate your applications, infrastructure devices and security platforms into a centralised security service.

Security as a service

Our managed security service collates and analyses events captured through device logging, and provides on-occurrence and scheduled reporting through a security portal. Identify suspicious behaviour early and head off security incidents before they become major issues.

Our security service portal is available 24×7 and constantly monitors your infrastructure. Monitoring, investigation and reporting of events can be tailored to meet your particular requirements. Retain your own copy of logs within your own logging system for auditability, archive and forensic purposes, whilst leveraging our incident monitoring, investigation and reporting capabilities.

Integrate our service via VPN over Internet through our secure gateways, or utilise private telecommunications networks for connectivity. ICON is available for all government agencies.

Sliced Tech can act as an independent security consultant:

  • — to verify managed services provided by an outsourcer or gateway provider. We achieve this by integrating at all levels within the ICT environment and providing detailed, customisable reporting.
  • — to map security services against compliance requirements, including the PSPF and ISM.
  • — to integrate reports into your organisation’s security management system and governance frameworks.
  • — to assist with understanding the implications of any issues, the source of a vulnerability, the risks to your organisations and appropriate remediation requirements.

The features of our security service are :

  • Hosted within a secure gateway environment
  • Available 24×7 with comprehensive monitoring and reporting
  • 24×7 Active response and alerting
  • Holistic capability that can be scaled efficiently
  • Native integration ‘out of the box’ with the majority of vendor products
  • Integration at the infrastructure, platform and application levels
  • Ongoing application and/or website vulnerability analysis
  • Secure integration into your ICT environment