Certified Gateway

Ensure business continuity by using the network government agencies use.

Managed services you can trust

Sliced Tech’s IT network and operations have been subjected to the rigour of an Australian Federal Government endorsed audit and certification process. Whether you are a government agency or an enterprise IT team with critical application requirements, you can be sure your data will travel and be stored securely.

Our dual ASD certified gateways are hosted in multiple data centres for resilience and continuity. Services provided through these gateways have the highest levels of transparency for management and technical stakeholders whilst providing the security, redundancy and agility to match the expectations of internal IT departments.

Government clients can access the Intra Government Communications Network (ICON) and Fedlink with the speed and security you expect from an enterprise grade network. And, our security-cleared staff can assist with your transition to private or government community cloud and help your establish a service management framework.

Sliced Tech has been a government Community Cloud provider since inception in 2011, and continues to offer an extensive cloud product set.

Our public cloud offers various levels of security for all your unclassified and internet-facing applications, while our private cloud takes care of all your sensitive hosting needs. We can even extend our private cloud product to existing server infrastructure and data centres, if required, enabling prior capital investments to be leveraged in the cloud environment.

Features of our certified gateway offering include :

  • Two locations
  • IP transit trend analysis
  • Event correlation and trend analysis
  • Data archival and replication
  • User reporting portal
  • User level controls
  • ICON capability for Canberra government
  • DSD Evaluated hardware
  • Approved encryption
  • Certified design and management practices
  • Advanced visibility
  • Security professionals online 24x7x365
  • IPv6 ready
  • Extensive telecommunications panel
  • Management and Service monitoring console